Our Apple Varieties

We grow 20 apple varieties in our mature orchard, located near Renfrew, Ontario, in the Ottawa Valley.

Each year, depending on the weather, different apples varieties are available at different times throughout the growing season. This natural timing allows you to try a number of different apple types over a few months.

In our online shop, we will only post the apple types that are ready to be enjoyed and available for pick-up at the Orchard

If your favourite apple isn’t listed yet, it will be once it is time to harvest this year’s crop.

Come back often in the growing season to find out what is available from the orchard.

Apple TypeAvailabilityCharacteristics
Yellow CrabEnd of AugustGood for Apple Jelly
Red CrabEnd of AugustGood for Apple Jelly
Paula RedLate AugustLike a McIntosh, crisp flavour, good for eating
MacLaren RedEnd of AugustNice soft texture and sweet taste
Summer St. LawrenceLate AugustGood for Apple sauce
North StarLate AugustGood cooking apple
LoboMid-SeptemberGood eating apple
WealthyMid-SeptemberGood cooking apple
Early MacsMid-SeptemberGood eating apple
Red CortlandMid-SeptemberGood for eating and making pies
Honey CrispMid-SeptemberCrisp texture, excellent eating apple, stores very well
CortlandLast week of SeptemberMild, sweet taste, crisp texture, good for pies
MacIntoshEnd of SeptemberMildly tart, good for eating, pies and sauces
SpartanEnd of SeptemberGood for eating, pies and sauces
EmpireThanksgivingSlightly tart, makes great apple sauce, good for snacking
Tolman SweetThanksgivingCrisp apple with exceptional sweetness
Northern GreeningsThanksgivingGood for cooking and eating
Wolf RiverAvailableExcellent when baked
Scotch WintersThanksgivingSour apple